Top Domestic Grossers of Bollywood

Almost every major new release these days is setting a new record in terms of collections at the box office. Does that mean that today’s movies are more successful than movies of yesteryears? Not everyone agrees. Many rightly point to the declining value of rupee as being the major reason behind this phenomenon.

DataJourno calculated the 2013 value of the domestic box office collections of all major Indian hits to come up with the list of top 15 domestic grossers of all times. All the figures are in INR crores and are net box office collections. The present value calculations are based on available data. This IBN Live report can be a good source for verification. Movies released in 2014 have been excluded from this list. Some of them like Klick would surely feature in this list.

Bollywood Top Grossers of All Times (till 2013)

Top Grossers in Bollywood

The figures in green are the current value of collections, while the the figures in red are collections when the movies were actually released


Some clarifications.

1. It is not comprehensive. We may have missed some movies, especially towards the lower end of the table.

2. Reliable data on collection of many movies are not available, at least not publicly. This may introduce discrepancies such as small overseas collections being part of the collections for older movies.

But does this do justice to all films? Clearly not. It is just a technical presentation, which says which are the movies that have been commercially most successful. It does not go beyond that. It does not examine why. For example, the fact that the Mother Indias and Mughal-E-Azams did the business from a fraction of number of screens as compared to the Dhoom 3s or Krrish 3s do not come out from this chart. Neither does the rise in disposable incomes of average Indians. At the same time the fact that today people have access to so many other forms of entertainment also does not come out of this chart.

So, take it for what it is. And see if your favorite movie is there in the list.


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