Which Lok Sabha is more qualified: this one or last one?

Some debates never end. Not just the Mumbai versus Delhi types. But even the knowledge versus action types.

Take for instance, the latest controversy surrounding HRD minister Smriti Irani’s qualification—or rather the alleged lack of it. She proclaims that she should be judged by her work and not qualification and there are quite a few takers for her stance. It seems action is winning this round of battle over knowledge. Not exactly surprising, considering the new prime minister considers and markets himself as a karma yogi.

But does it mean that the current (16th) Lok Sabha lags behind the previous one, when it comes to qualification of its MPs?

Does not look so, if you consider that this Lok Sabha has 33 PhDs as compared to just 9 in the last one and even has slight edge in number of post graduates. But when it comes to graduates and above, it is a little behind.

In the 15th Lok Sabha, every 4 out of 5 members was a graduate or above. That is 80% of the members. The figure is a little less at 76% for the current Lok Sabha.

This Lok Sabha is also a little heavier at both ends. On one hand, the PhDs and post graduates together account for 34% of the total members as compared to 28% in last Lok Sabha. On the other, the share of such members who have not studies beyond class 10th too is more at 13%, as compared to 10% in last Lok Sabha. The comparison is not too different even if you add class 12th pass outs.

Yes, it is the middle (the graduates) that ruled the last Lok Sabha. As many as 52% of all members were just graduates in the last Lok Sabha; that number is drastically lower at 42% in the current Lok Sabha.


And here are how the major parties stack up when it comes to how qualified their MPs are. The figures represent the percentage of MPs who are graduates and above.


Yes, regional parties like TMC, ADMK and BJD are at top while some other regional parties like Shiv Sena and TDP are at bottom.



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