Which players have actually taken the most “runs” in IPL?

Who are the most hardworking among the successful batsmen in the IPL 2014? Well, depends on how you define hardworking. One way we did is to actually see how much they have run between the wickets?

We are sure, you will not be surprised. Among those who have been successful (scored 200 or more runs) in IPL 2014, only five have got more runs by running between wickets compared to what they have scored through boundaries. This is till the end of league matches. The qualifiers and the eliminator have not been included.

So, here they are: Manish Pandey, du Plessis, Raydu, Rahane, and Gambhir. And you thought Indians are lazy?



For the sake of completeness, who are the most prominent boundary heaters? Maxell, Dwayne Smith and Sehwag. No suprise here. Only these three batsmen have scored more than 200 runs and more than 70% of those runs have come from boundaries,




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